Consumer Returns During & After COVID-19 Whitepaper


Consumer Returns During & After COVID-19 Whitepaper

E-commerce businesses have seen incredible growth in online purchases during COVID-19, which also drives higher returns. Do you know how and why your consumers return their orders? And what will that look like after the pandemic? That insight can help you decide on a better returns strategy such as what to invest in: Drop-off, Pick-Up, Retail Store or Locker returns.

Cycleon has collected data from 3500+ consumers with various demographics across 12 countries to bring you the best insights and recommendations for your operations. Download the whitepaper to directly access this essential consumer intelligence!

Key takeaways:

  • Consumer returns during COVID-19
  • Consumer returns prediction after COVID-19
  • First-mile transport
  • Consumers’ preferences for returns process
  • Consumers’ sustainability preferences
  • Omnichannel Returns

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