BIMA Hangouts | Ecommerce In The Aftermath

MullenLowe Profero

BIMA Hangouts | Ecommerce In The Aftermath


Necessity is the mother of adoption, and we’ve all borne witness to the acceleration of ecommerce’s share of retail during 2020: a 45% increase in online share of total UK retail sales (ONS, 2020 vs 2019)

But what have consumers learned from their crash course in online shopping? How far have they gone beyond their comfort zone, and will they stay there? And what will it take to attract their custom in 2021, and beyond?

In an essential webinar for all those in or working with the retail sector, MullenLowe Profero will present the results of their latest research while an expert panel will discuss its implications.

We’ll explore the experiences of online shoppers – old and new – over the past 12 months: examining not only their changed behaviours but also their future intentions, and how their considerations have changed as lockdown disrupts daily routines and familiar habits.

We’ll also examine the types of retailer that consumers default to, and why. And with marketplace and multi-brand retailers leading the pack, we’ll discuss why launching a successful direct to consumer (D2C) experience may prove rewarding, but challenging, even in today’s accelerated online retail environment.